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Hello Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well. In today's session, we are looking at Exodus Chapters 19 and 20 and learning about the 10 Commandments. 

Memory Verse

"Our Lord, no other God compares with you - Majestic and holy! Fearsome and glorious! Miracle Worker! [Exodus15:11]


Attached is a document with a transcript with questions and bible verses highlighted in blue, please read this out with your children. The following link is to a video that also summaries the story with lovely visual aid!  


This term's song, 'Father Abraham'.  


Attached are some activity ideas on pages 58, 60, 61 and 62.

1) Activity Page 58

2) Activity Page 60

3) Activity Page 61

4) Activity Page 62


Please pray with me.

Dear God thank you for helping us learn about you and your glory through the Bible.Thank you for today's story that taught us how to please you and follow in your steps. We pray that everyone in our community is keeping well and staying well. Lord we trust that you would stay by them and provide them with strength and courage. Lord, we aware that you have a plan set our for us and please help us realise this when times are difficult. 

Pheo and Ana have also done a prayer for us that is attached to this email, please also pray with them! 

I hope you are all doing well. I am keeping you in my prayers. Have a good week ahead!









Dear Friends,

I hope you and your family are safe and well. For those of you, who have attended some days at school, I hope it was enjoyable and good to see your friends.

Last Thursday, 19th May, was Ascension Day. This is a day, in our church calendar, when we celebrate Jesus' return to his Father in heaven.

At Easter we celebrated Jesus' death and then resurrection. Forty days, after Jesus rose from the dead, he ascended to heaven. This is today's story.

In the attached PowerPoint, 'Ascension of Jesus', I will narrate the story. It should start automatically when you 'click from beginning' in 'slide show'. If you wish to read the story, it comes from Acts 1:1-11.

I have also attached two creative YouTube videos of the Ascension story, that I thought you might appreciate.

 Also attached are this morning's Ascension activities, that were emailed, with the details and links to this morning's church service on YouTube. You'll also find the answers to these activities in a separate attachment.

1) Ascension Activities

2) Ascension Answers

Finally, let's finish with a closing prayer. You will find this on the Closing Prayer PowerPoint attachment, which should also start automatically when you 'click from beginning' in 'slide show'.

I hope you all have an enjoyable week.


Stay safe.

Sue 2






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