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Welcome to Kids Church @ Home.

I hope I find you safe and well.
Most of us are looking forward to the school holidays which begin next weekend. I hope you have some interesting activities planned for your holidays.

Let's look at our story. Last week we learnt that King Saul was so jealous of David that he searched for him and wanted to kill him. Instead, God protected David. David had the chance to kill King Saul but he chose not to. David would not kill anyone who had been anointed by God.

Today we will find out how David finally becomes the king. Remember, David had been anointed by the prophet Samuel to be the next king. David has waited patiently to fulfil this role in God's plan.

Today's story is another narrated Powerpoint presentation, 'Saul dies & David becomes king'.  (For our new people - After clicking on the PowerPoint attachment, 'click' on slide show and then 'click' from beginning. It will play the story automatically.)

There are 3 activities today: a colouring sheet, a find-a-word and a finger puzzle.

Our Memory Verse
How are you going in learning this psalm?

Psalm 121

1 I look to the hills! Where will I find help?

2 It will come from the LORD, who created the heavens and the earth.

3 The LORD is your protector, and he won’t go to sleep or let you stumble.

4 The protector of Israel doesn’t doze or ever get drowsy.

5 The LORD is your protector, there at your right side to shade you from the sun.

6 You won’t be harmed by the sun during the day or by the moon at night.

7 The LORD will protect you and keep you safe from all dangers.

8 The LORD will protect you now and always wherever you go.

Our Song
I hope you have been enjoying 'God Never says Oops'. Let's play again.

Next week we will have the last of our King David stories from the books of Samuel.

Let's finish with prayer.

God bless
Sue 2

PS. Because of the continuing COVID restrictions, Kids Church will be running through the school holidays: both at church (concurrently with the 10.00am service) and online.


Welcome to this week's extension.
How have you gone with this term's memory verse, Psalm 121?
It's much easier to remember if you look at the outline of the psalm. It starts by acknowledging God as our helper; then how God watches over and protects his people; and finishes with how God continually watches over those who believe him, 'now and always'.
The following 'sway link' will help you understand Psalm 121 and how we use psalms today.
And finally, let's finish with the 'Lord's Prayer'.
God bless
Sue 2
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